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Serial hoon’s purple Lamborghini to be auctioned off by Queensland Police

By ABC News

A Lamborghini sports car with just 1,000 km on the clock will be auctioned off by police as its owner sits in a jail cell serving a four-year sentence for a string of driving offences.

The purple 2019 Lamborghini Huracan will head to sale next week, after police applied to have it forfeited.

All funds from the sale of the car, which was seized at Nambour, north of Brisbane, will go into Queensland’s state coffers.

The car’s 28-year-old driver was jailed earlier this year on charges including dangerous operation of a vehicle, evading police, drug driving, attempting to pervert justice and other traffic offences.

He is serving a four-year sentence and has been disqualified from driving, according to police.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Ray Rohweder said Queensland Police had zero tolerance for hooning.

“No matter how powerful your vehicle may be, the law will catch up to you and you will be held accountable for your foolish behaviour,” he said.

The website hosting the auction next week lists the car as a Lamborghini Huracan Performante two-door coupe.

It says the odometer has clocked just 1,059 kilometres. The listing does not contain a starting price, however, similar all-wheel-drive coupes are valued at around $450,000

Under Queensland law, people convicted of multiple hooning offences can have their vehicles confiscated by police.

The Queensland government’s website advises that the seized vehicles are auctioned or sold for scrap.

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