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We specialise in a range of Family Law matters. You can be reassured of our expertise in:

  • Divorce
  • De Facto Relationships
  • Child & Parenting Issues
  • Child Support
  • Spousal & Partner Maintenance
  • Financial Agreements
  • Property Settlement
  • Restraining Orders

Our firm’s commitment to our clients is to give them the best possible outcome dependent on their situation. We are dedicated to helping you through this difficult time by breaking down the process in simple terms and providing compassionate service.

Know your rights under the law. For an obligation free and confidential consultation please contact us.


Going through a divorce is often an emotional experience. It involves many important decisions including care arrangements for children, the division of property and spousal maintenance. Our legal team will listen to and assist you throughout the whole process.

Child & Parenting Issues

After the breakdown of a relationship one of the most important decisions you will need to make is regarding the ongoing care and living arrangements of any children from the relationship. Many sensitive decisions will need to be made often involving unforeseen issues. Contact us so our experienced legal team can help guide and prepare you make these arrangements.

Spousal & Partner Maintenance

There is often a large disparity in financial resources and earning capabilities between parties at the end of a relationship. To understand your rights and obligations and how this imbalance may be restored or how it could possibly impact you do not hesitate to contact us today.

Property Settlement

Following a relationship breakdown, it is very difficult to deal with the division and allocation of property and this important issue can be overlooked. Important decisions that will often have long lasting consequences will need to be made. It is essential that you receive sound advice so you can move forward confidently from this difficult time.

De Facto Relationships

The ending of any relationship can be emotionally and legally complex. Knowing your rights and obligations will help guide you through the process and assist you in making important decisions. Speak to our legal team for the best advice for your situation.

Child Support

The financial cost of rearing children can exist long after the end of a relationship. It is important to understand your rights and obligations to provide ongoing care. Child support will often have a long lasting effect on your financial well-being. Speak to one of our experienced legal team for the best advice for you considering your personal circumstances.

Financial Agreements

Financial agreements deal with the division and separation of assets and can be made at the start, during or the end of a relationship. Our legal team can offer you advice to assist you to make a financial arrangement at any stage of your relationship.

Restraining Orders

If you feel unsafe or threatened by your past or present partner, you may be able to take out a restraining order. With criminal offences for breaches, restraining orders can act as a strong deterrent. Our compassionate legal team will listen and offer you the best advice appropriate to your situation.

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