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Andrew Levalds Barrister & Solicitor provides specialised legal services for all Criminal, Traffic and Family Law matters. Our dedicated team of professionals will provide clear personalised legal advice and representation in all law courts. We understand that legal problems can be highly complex and stressful. This is why you need a trusted professional by your side dedicated to your cause who will listen and fight for every legal right afforded to you.

We practise in all areas of Criminal Law, Traffic Law and Family Law:

  • Criminal Law
    • Bail applications
    • Violence matters
    • Drug matters
    • Theft matters
    • Criminal damage matters
    • Domestic violence matters
    • Breach of Restraining Orders
    • Fraud matters
    • State & Commonwealth crimes
  • Traffic Law
    • DUI matters
    • EDL matters
    • Demerit point and fines
  • Restraining Orders
    • Applications
    • Respondents
  • Family Law
    • Paternity dispute matters
    • Parenting dispute matters
    • Financial dispute matters
    • Divorces

At Andrew Levalds Barrister and Solicitor we work together with our clients and find the best possible solution to their problems no matter how difficult.

Every legal problem needs a tailored approach based on your individual circumstances. We have a team with extensive professional experience and understanding of the complexities in the law ready to help. We strive to assist our clients to attain the best possible outcome no matter how difficult their situation or circumstances.

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