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Andrew Levalds Barrister & Solicitor Specialising in Criminal, Traffic and Family Law Do you have a criminal matter you need a response to? Have a traffic matter you'd like to drive away from? We can help fast track your Family Matter through to resolution! Contact us today, we are here to help!

Criminal Law

Have you been arrested, charged or have to appear in court. Know your rights under the law and speak with our legal team of experts for the right advice.

Traffic Law

Are you charged with a traffic offence. Loss of your driving licence can affect your employment. Our legal team has the expertise and advice you need.

Family Law

Separating from a partner can be both emotional and legally complex. Our legal team will listen to you and offer you the best advice appropriate to your situation.

Contact us now for a confidential and obligation free consultation

Our friendly legal team will listen, advise you of your rights, and help you achieve the best outcome for your matter.

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