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Bradley Edwards found guilty of murdering Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer, not Sarah Spiers

By Rebecca Trigger

Bradley Robert Edwards is found guilty of murdering Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer, but not guilty of killing 18-year-old Sarah Spiers, all of whom disappeared from the Perth suburb of Claremont in the mid-1990s in what became known as the Claremont serial killings.

Key events

The police commissioner has also spoken of the impact on Edwards’ other victims — the woman he raped in Karrakatta Cemetery, and the woman he assaulted in her Huntingdale home.  “We must never forget Jane, Ciara and Sarah, and the devastating affect these crimes have had on their families,” the Commissioner said.  “We must also recognise the devastation and serious crimes committed on those other women that Bradley Edwards has admitted and is now also convicted of.”   “These victims and the witnesses must be commended for their courage and their resilience.

“Bradley Edwards can now be called for what he is.

“A brutal rapist and a murderer. I acknowledge and thank all those family members for their strength and their resilience.

“I have just spent some time with all those family members.

“They have carried themselves and continue to with patience, grace and dignity under the most tragic of circumstances.

“Today’s verdicts are a testament to many years of [work]. It does demonstrate that WA Police officers will never give up.”

The WA Police Commissioner is speaking outside the court

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson has made a statement on the comments, saying he will never give up trying to locate Sarah Spiers. “This is an important day for justice in Western Australia, the Commissioner said. “The Claremont killings struck at the heart of our way of life, stretching [to] almost a quarter of a century. “Three innocent young women were killed along with the hopes and dreams they never got to fulfil. “The justice system has taken its course, and Bradley Edwards has now been convicted of killing two of those women, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon. “The investigation into the murder of Sarah Spiers remains open.” “We will never give up trying to locate Sarah, and I have conveyed that to Don and Carol Spiers today and to Amanda. “Sarah and her family deserve justice.

Parents leave without making comment following verdict

 Ciara Glennon’s parents have left via a side door and declined to make any comment. Family members of the victims have rarely spoken to media amid the intense scrutiny of and interest in this trial.

Lee Rimmer thanked investigators for their efforts following the verdict. ABC News: Hugh SandoLee Rimmer — Jane Rimmer’s sister — has spoken outside court. She expressed her relief that Edwards had been convicted of her sister’s murder and said she was very happy with the verdict. “I think you get some closure but it’s always gonna be the same. No-one’s ever going to bring her back. ” When asked what she would like to say to investigators involved in the case, she said: “Thank you very much, you guys. You need a medal. Thank you. “But Ms Rimmer said it was very sad there was no outcome for the Spiers family. “I think we all just wanted to have our own grief,” she said. “That’s what I saw. [I was] just thinking about the Spiers all the time. [I] hope they get the result they need soon.”

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